Howdy! Here you can find my commission prices and terms of service. Unless specifically mentioned, my commissions are always open.If you are interested in merch, our little STORE is here.And if you came here because you really, really want to give me some tip, here is my KO-Fi, thank you so much. ;-)


You can visit my PORTFOLIO for more examples of my artwork. Preferred contact method is email or Telegram DM (Berneri). FA note is also okay.For invoices I use either Stripe or PayPal.Note that all the prices are approximates so in many cases they will shift a little bit. All prices are for one character and additional characters will raise the price. Exceptions may occur depending on the commission topic and the amount of details needed.My examples are all digital art but I also do all kinds of traditional art commissions! If you have a project in mind, throw me a message.The rates below are for personal commissions only and do not include licensing or permission for commercial use.Don't be afraid to send a message if you have something to ask! :-)

TIER 120€

  • Twitch, Discord etc. emotes

  • Order 5 and you get one free = 80 €

  • Animated ones start with 25 €

TIER 230€

  • Icons and headshots

  • Simple artwork with flat colors

  • Telegram stickers

TIER 350-100€

  • Simple fullbody illustrations

  • More detailed headshots

  • Small background elements

TIER 4150-200€

  • More complex backgrounds and character details/markings

  • Reference sheets

TIER 5250-300€

  • Fullbody illustrations with detailed backgrounds

  • Album covers

  • Big tattoo designs

TIER 6+300€

  • Same as the previous tier, just more "full" with more details

  • More complex frames

  • Or multiple characters from previous tiers


You agree these Terms of Service when you order a commission from me• I will have rights to created artwork, but clients can share it with credit and use it as avatar/header/background image etc.
• Artwork is only for clients personal use, not to gain profit in any form unless the matter has been separately agreed upon
• Using my art as NFT's or any part of AI art is strictly forbidden
• Client is not allowed to edit or trace the artwork or submit it in any kind of contest
• I can decline any commission request without explanation
• I can refuse working with anyone who is rude, unclear or doesn’t speak English or Finnish
• I can refuse taking original character commissions without clear reference sheet or detailed explanation
• All payments will be made via Stripe or PayPal, after client has accepted the first sketch
• I expect the payment within 72 hours after the invoice has been sent, or I can cancel the commission
• After artwork has been created and accepted, any bigger edits will be done for a fee
• If client has a deadline for the image, it needs to be made clear when requesting a commission
• I will use public Trello board so client’s header or name will be visible there (doodles or icons might not apply here)
• No refunds will be given after the final image has been delivered but before that minor edits are included in the price
• Digital artwork will be sent in a digital form only, if not agreed otherwise
• I can stop working on a commission if any of ToS sections are breached